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Getting started with Arduino

Books & Papers

Some books are available thru the Safari Book Online subscription. NTNU has a license that allows students and employee to browse a selection of books. For the links to the books to work you must be logged from the university campus or from home using the NTNU vpn.

Getting Started with Arduino

  1. Getting Started with Arduino 2nd ed. (M.Banzi) Amazon | SafariBookOnline
  2. Making Things Talk (T. Igoe) Amazon | SafariBookOnline
  3. Programming Interactivity 2nd ed. (J. Noble) Amazon | SafariBookOnline
  4. Getting started website link
  5. Lady Ada Tutorials link

Getting Started with Electronics

  1. Make: Electronics (C. Platt) Amazon
  2. Getting Started with Electronics (F.M. Mimms) Amazon

Advanced Topics

  1. Arduino Cookbook 2nd ed. (M. Margolis) Amazon | SafariBookOnline
  2. Arduino Projects to Save the World (E. Premeaux) Amazon | SafariBookOnline
  3. Physical Computing (T. Igoe) Amazon
  4. Pro Arduino SafariBookOnline
  5. Arduino Internals SafariBookONline
  6. Practical Arduino Engineering SafariBookOnline

Arduino and Wearables

  1. Arduino Wearables (T. Olsson) Amazon | SafariBookOnline
  2. Softwear link
  3. Plu&Wear link

Arduino and Android

  1. Controlling Arduino with Android+Processing (USB Tethering) link
  2. Amarino Toolkit (BT Tethering) link
  3. Arduino + BT + Android (BT Tethering) link
  4. Bluetooth controller app for Android link

Arduino and iOS


  1. Fritzing - a great tool to design arduino-based circuits link
  2. Apps for Arduino - iOS apps to monitor arduino sensors link
  3. Firmdata - An arduino firmware for remote control link

Blogs, project websites, etc.

  1. Arduino Scuola link
  2. Bildr link
  3. LadyAda projects link | link2
  4. Instructables link
  5. Makeprojects link
  6. Dangerous Prototypes link
  7. Sparkfun Tutorials link
  8. Medical and Health projects link
  9. Ten ways to destroy an Arduino link


  1. Robonor (Norway)
  2. RS (Norway)
  3. Farnell (Norway)
  4. Mouser (Norway)
  5. eHobby (Norway)
  6. Elprint - circuit printing service (Norway)
  7. Electrokit (Sweden)
  8. Seeeed (UK)
  9. Adafruit (USA)
  10. Sparkfun (USA)
  11. Makershed (USA)
  12. Wearables (USA)