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This page contains a description of the hardware resource that we have available for projects.

Livescribe Smartpen



Livescribe smartpen is a paper-based computing platform composed by a computer-enabled pen and a special paper designed to be used together with the pen. It includes:

  • The Smartpen: a standard-size pen equipped with a CPU, a display and solid-state memory that makes it capable to handwriting capture (with OCR functionality), audio capture. It runs Java and it comes with a SDK to develop application (called penlet) to be run directly on the smartpen without the need of a pc-connection.
  • The Dot Paper: a regular paper printed with a pattern of tiny micro-dots nearly invisible to human eye. However the smartpen can see these dots (thanks to an IR-camera) and uses them to know which page you're writing on and the exact location on that page, allowing to precisely track everything it writes on paper thanks to a dot-positioning software running on the smartpen. The dot-paper may include a free hand-writing region, as well as fixed not-writing regions deputed to trigger commands (e.g. start applications, change volume settings) when the pen is leant in those paper regions. The dot-paper can be printed with the SDK included.
  • The Desktop application: a windows/macintosh applications you need to access to the smartpen memory.
  • The SDK: a developing environment based on Java and running as plugin for the Eclipse IDE. For further informations about the See my tutorial.


  • Smartpen model “Echo”, with 4GB of memory

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Pico-projectors (or handled-projectors) are miniaturized devices that can project digital images and videos onto any nearby viewing surface, such as a wall a table or an object. They are battery-powred and can be connected to a mobile video source (such as a smartphone or a digital camera) in order to have a fully mobile projection station. They can be adopted both for showing presentation and for investigating how the augmentation of physical surfaces can be adopted in context-aware applications.


Optoma PK201 pico-projector Short specifications:

  • Native Resolution: WVGA (854 x 480)
  • Projection Image Size (min.-max): 12.7-178cm (5-70“)
  • Projection Distance (min.-max.): 0.24 - 3.24m
  • Weight: 160 Gr.
  • Dimensions: 61 X 118 X 17 mm
  • Battery life: up to 1.5hrs
  • Memory: 100mb embedded, microsd card slot

Full specifications available here.

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Android Phones



We have some smartphone for Android Development


HTC Magic:

  • OS Version: Android 1.5 Donuts
  • Display: 240×480 HVGA resolution
  • Connectivity: Wifi b/g, Bluetooth
  • Sensors: GPS, Compass, Accelerometer, 3mpx camera

HTC Desire:

  • OS Version: Android 2.2 Froyo
  • Display: 480×800 WVGA resolution
  • Connectivity: Wifi b/g, Bluetooth
  • Sensors: GPS, Compass, Accelerometer, Ambient Light, 5mpx camera

Apple iPhone



An Apple Iphone 4 for iOS development.

  • OS Version: iOS 6
  • Display: 960×640 resolution
  • Connectivity: Wifi b/g, Bluetooth
  • Sensors: GPS, Compass, Accelerometer, Gyro, Ambient Light, 5mpx camera

Full specifications here.

More Information

Check the Software pagefor information about how to get a developer license.

Apple iPad


Some iPad 2 3G and iPad 3 3G available for development. Full specifications here

More Information.

Check the Software page for information about how to get a developer license.

Other smartphones

Symbian phones and Windows mobile phones are available.

RFID Equipment

phidgets_rfid.jpeg idblue.jpeg


We have some RFID reader, both mobile and desktop and a lot of RFID tags in several different shapes


Phidgets RFID reader. Is a USB RFID reader without package, and therefore can be easily embedded in prototypes as well as integrated with others Phidgets sensors. Specifications:

  • Read Distance (min-max): 6-11cm

Full specifications here

IDBLUE RFID pen. Is a mobile RFID reader in a shape of a pen. It uses Bluetooth tech- nology to wireless link up with most Bluetooth compliant devices, such as PCs, PocketPCs and SmartPhones. Specifications:

  • RFID reader for near-field applications, typical 20-40mm reading dis- tance.
  • Support Bluetooth, Class 2. Maximum range approximately 15m.
  • Requires Microsoft or Bluecove Bluetooth protocol stack.
  • The device can operating both connected to a PC and as a standalone unit (capable of storing up to 1000 tags).
  • NET driver support for .NET Framework 1.1 and compatibility with 2.0 (including Compact Framework) is provided and supported by manufacturer. An unofficial driver for Java mobile platforms (tested on a Java CDC VM) has been developed for the UbiCollab project, check the source code or ask Simone for more informations.
  • Full specifications here.

Sensors Kits



We have some sensors as well as USB connecting boards to be used to build prototypes. Sensor are made by Phidgets which provides documentation and API to let your applications interact with the sensors.


Sensors type includes:

  • Ambient light sensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • Proximity sensor
  • Noise level sensor
  • Force sensor
  • Precise light sensor
  • Touch slide sensor

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Home Automation X10 Kits



X10 is an international and open industry standard for communication among electronic devices used for home automation, also known as domotics. It primarily uses power line wiring for signaling and control, where the signals involve brief radio frequency bursts representing digital information. A wireless radio based protocol transport is also defined.


We have a kit composed by a control station (to be connectet by a pc via serial port) and several X10 controlled power plugs as well as light plugs. As part as the projects UbiCollab and ASTRA Alfredo made a Webservice interface for the X10 devices, contact him for more information.

More Information.

Asus UMPCs (Ultra Mobile PC)



Asus UMPC is a tablet pc equipped with a wide range of features. It runs WIndows XP and provide computation power enought for standard desktop applications


Partial hardware Specifications:

  • Processor: Intel Celeron-M 900MHz
  • Operating System: Windows XP Tablet PC edition + Touch Pack
  • Screen: 7-inches diagonally, 800 x 480 resolution
  • RAM Memory: 768 MB
  • Hard Drive: 60GB (4200 RPM, 1.8”)
  • Integrated microphone
  • GPS: SirfStarIII GPS chipset
  • Camera: Built-in 1.3MP video camera
  • Wireless: 802.11 b/g and Bluetooth integrated
  • Fingerprint reader

Full specifications available here