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Java GUI Builder for Eclipse


We got a license of instantiations Windows Builder Pro, an Eclipse plugin to develop GUI in Java (both for desktop and mobile application). The license is intended only to develop open-source applications for IDI projects. Ask Simone for the license number.

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Instantiations website

Clickatell SMS Gateway


A SMS Gateway is a way of sending a text message (SMS) without using a mobile (cell) phone. It is WebService offering SMS transit, transforming webservice remote invocations to SMS to mobile phones, or vice versa, allowing transmission or receipt of SMS messages with or without the use of a mobile phone. The SMS Gateway provides APIs to allow integration with the most used programming languages such as Java, C++, PHP, HTTP/REST. It is a good tool to integrate SMS notifications in your applications. Sending an SMS costs 1 clickatell credit. Credits can be purchased in set of 50/100/1000 and have an average cost around 0.05$.


We have an account with still some unused credits on it. Contact Simone for the login credentials. More Information. Clickatell Website

iOS Developer Licenses



Apple requires you to own a developer license to deploy applications you create to iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) and publish applications to the App Store. The license also includes access to official developer resources, tools, and forums. IDI will soon have an agreement with Apple to provide free student licenses to its students. -COMING SOON-

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